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Keys & Security

Master Lock 5400D Key Storage Box

The trusty standby used by thousands of realtors and home sharers alike, this shackle-mounted lockbox can easily be attached to a doorknob, fence, or railing. It's a relatively inexpensive option, and even has a sliding weather cover to prevent the combination wheels from jamming or freezing. This is a perfect for the home sharer who's just getting started and can't be there to hand off keys.

SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock

If you're ready to take your key handoff game to the next level, ditch the keys altogether with this electronic keypad lock. It installs easily, and can hold up to eight different user codes that you can share with your guests, and change at any time. Best of all, adding a little tech won't break the bank – it's about $50 on Amazon as I'm writing this.


KeyCafe lets you store your keys within a secure kiosk at a nearby business. This is perfect for when you can't be there for key handoffs but don't want to deal with lockboxes or special hardware. It also lets you manage guest access right from your computer or smartphone.



PriceLabs is a dynamic pricing tool that uses the power of data to figure out the best price for your Airbnb listing. It updates your prices daily, which helps your listing appear fresh to potential guests. All of this means more bookings and more income per booking for you, so this is one of those times where the service actually pays for itself.



Handy is an on-demand cleaning service that works hand-in-hand with renting your place. No only do they use experienced, background checked cleaning pros, but they'll take care of laundry and key management for you, too. This is especially helpful if you have back-to-back stays and you're not around to help pull off a quick turnover.



Guesty is a 24/7 management service that really does it all. They'll respond to booking requests, screen guests, coordinate with your cleaning service, provide guests with maps and house manual, and troubleshoot any issues that arise during the stay. If you use other services to help manage different aspects of your stay, Guesty is the central hub that ties them all together.

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