Airbnb Tips for Hosts: The Definitive Guide

Airbnb Tips for Hosts: The Definitive Guide

airbnb hosting tips definitive guide

The best Airbnb hosts do one thing better than their less-successful counterparts. 

But it's much simpler than you might think. 

What is it? 

They do what other successful hosts have done. 

Yep. That's it. 

Rather than try to figure out everything on their own through trial and (lots of) error, successful hosts find the best Airbnb tips for hosts and put them into practice themselves. 

They essentially cheat off of the notes of those already at the head of the class. 

But there's still one problem for new hosts: Sifting through all the so-called "tips and tricks" posted online, then deciding which Airbnb advice is actually worth following, takes time. Lots of time.

Until now.

In this guide, I'm handing you the best Airbnb listing tips on the web so you can skip to the front of the line and become successful on day one.

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The Definitive List of the
Best Tips & Tricks
for Airbnb Hosts

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Chapter 1: 
Airbnb Tips for Hosts:
The Complete Newbie

If you're just beginning to think about being an Airbnb host — or just looking to up your hosting game — this is the perfect place to start. These are the best resources to learn if Airbnb hosting is for you, and then get you started on your hosting journey.

airbnb profile tips

The first step when considering any side hustle is researching income potential. The Casual Capitalist's How Much Can I Earn on Airbnb: An Income Guide makes getting started with this research dead simple. If you're at all considering renting out your place, ignore this article (and their entire Superhost Series) at your peril.

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Chapter 1: #Airbnb for the Complete Newbie ☞

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Chapter 2: 
How To Take Photos That Get You Bookings (Even Without Fancy Equipment)

tips for airbnb photos

Getting your photography right is hands down the most important part of getting bookings. Check out these Airbnb photo tips to learn more about what the best hosts are doing right now when it comes to using photography, and how you can use it to get found and fill up your booking calendar.

Tyler's Take

Your listing's photos matter. Period. Evelyn Badia makes this clear in one of my favorite articles,
8 Tips for Dazzling Airbnb Photos. She highlights a common misconception: More isn't always more. Don't overwhelm potential guests with loads and loads of photos. Take 2-3 per room, and move on.

Chapter 2: How to Take Photos of Your #Airbnb
Listing That Get You Bookings ☞

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Chapter 3: 
How to Price Your Airbnb
Listing to Make More Cash

Alright. I'll say it: Not all Airbnb tips for hosts are created equal. From getting your base price set correctly, to adjusting your price dynamically based on guest demand, following these Airbnb price tips will keep you a step ahead of those set-it-and-forget hosts down the street. 

airbnb price tips

Negotiating with potential guests is more of an advanced hosting skill, but you don't have to host many guests before someone will try to take advantage of you. Luckily, Paula Pant from Afford Anything is as savvy as they come in this department. In her three minute no-nonsense video, she explains exactly how to handle the occasional (but necessary) price negotiation.

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Chapter 3: How to Price Your #Airbnb
Listing to Make More Cash ☞

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Chapter 4: 
How to Actually Clean Your
Place to Keep Guests Happy

airbnb cleaning checklist

The difference between a good host and a great host can often be based on how well you clean your listing. Here are a few of the best places to learn why your "clean" probably isn't good enough, how to satisfy even the pickiest guests, and how to get your place clean from one booking to the next (even if you're not there).

Tyler's Take

Sometimes all the to-do items that go along with turning your place over from one guest to the next can be overwhelming. Though there are many DIY-type methods out there to communicate these items with cleaning services, LearnAirbnb's walkthrough of a visual checklist service called Properly does a great job of highlighting just how valuable having a central hub for housekeeping can be for serious hosts.

Chapter 4: How to Actually Clean Your Place to
Keep #Airbnb Guests Happy ☞

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Chapter 5: 
Why Great Airbnb Reviews Are a Must & How to Get Them Every Time

Consistent top-notch reviews are what separates serious hosts from pretenders. From controlling guest expectations even before they book, to handling the odd negative review, these Airbnb review tips are exactly what you need to be sure your listing is the best in the neighborhood.

airbnb review tips

Advice on how to get five-star reviews is everywhere. Fewer have dared to address what to do when you get a bad review (even the best do). This is why my favorite piece about reviews is from Matt Landau over at Vacation Rental Marketing Blog. His '4 R's to Conquering Negative Reviews' are pure gold, especially the harder-than-it-sounds first R: Relax.

Tyler's Take

Chapter 5: Why Great #Airbnb Reviews Are a Must,
& How to Get Them Every Time ☞

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Chapter 6: 
A Guide to Keeping Yourself, Your Airbnb Guests & Your Property Safe

airbnb safety tips

This is your one-stop source for the best Airbnb safety tips. Here you'll learn why a safe stay begins before a guest even books your place, and what steps you can take to be sure that you and your guests can focus on a great experience without worrying about becoming the next negative home sharing headline.

Tyler's Take

For home sharing to survive and thrive, safety has to be everyone's top priority. Although personal stories and advice are a great supplement to the basics, every host must educate themselves on the fundamentals of how to host safely. Start by reading's recap of the key safe hosting essentials provided directly from Airbnb. It's no coincidence that #1 on the list is to carefully read prior hosts' reviews of potential guests. If something in there makes you uncomfortable, don't be afraid to move on.

Chapter 6: A Guide to Keeping Yourself, Your #Airbnb Guests, & Your Property Safe ☞

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Chapter 7: 
Everything You Need to
Know About Airbnb Taxes,
Insurance & Financial Planning

Where there is money being made, there are taxes. Where there's a chance of something going wrong, there's insurance. Thankfully, these resources are the best insurance and Airbnb tax tips to ensure that you're not only protected and tax-compliant, but that you're taking advantage of tax deductions that can save you some serious cash.

tips for airbnb taxes

Many hosts are serial side-hustlers that may know a few financial tips and tricks from their other moonlighting experience. However, there are a few lesser-known tax deductions specific to home sharing that can save hosts some serious cash at tax time. This quick read from Orbirental covers a few of these, including my personal favorite: deducting fees charged by third party tools (which you should definitely consider using) from your taxes.

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Chapter 7: Everything You Need to Know About #Airbnb Taxes, Insurance, & Financial Planning ☞

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Chapter 8: 
Ready to Level-Up Your Listing? Become an Airbnb Superhost with These
Next-Level Tips

airbnb superhost tips

Don't know what a Superhost is? These are some of the best success stories and Airbnb Superhost tips out there. From avoiding mistakes of experience hosts, to using hidden hosting hacks to your advantage, this section will help you take your hosting game to the next level.

Tyler's Take

Why go to all the trouble of hosting, only to leave yourself no free time to enjoy your own life? By automating certain parts of the hosting process, you can ensure your listing isn't running your entire life. For example, there's no reason you can't have a cleaning service or regular cleaner take over the cleaning of your listing. Check out my favorite article on using automation to super-charge your hosting experience, which covers everything from cleaning to communication to dynamic pricing. 

Chapter 8: Ready to Level-Up? Become an #Airbnb #Superhost with These Next-Level Tips ☞

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Exclusive Bonus: Download this free bonus containing all the tips and tricks listed here, plus bonus tips for all eight chapters to help take your hosting game to the next level – Score!

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